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Twin Block Appliance Treatment

Twin Block Appliance Treatment

The Twin Block is a removable (ie. you can take it out), functional appliance. It is made up of two components, an upper and lower plate, which works together to posture the lower jaw forward. This frees up the “locked-in” lower jaw and encourages it to grow to its fullest potential. The upper (and sometimes lower) plate may also have an expansion screw to widen the arch.

The Twin Block appliance can be used on people of all ages, but it is usually used in children who are in their growth phase, to treat an underdeveloped lower jaw. It is usually a “phase 1”appliance and is followed by braces (phase 2) or a retainer.

Full-Time Wear
Both the upper and lower plates must be worn together full time, including while you eat and sleep. The only exceptions are when you remove them for cleaning the appliance should be kept in its retainer box.

There should be little discomfort apart from some tenderness of the facial muscles in the first few days, but this should soon disappear. Full-time wear and eating with the appliance maintains proper fit and minimizes discomfort.

Oral Hygiene
Always keep your Twin Block and teeth clean. Brush the appliance regularly using a toothbrush and soapy water or toothpaste, and if you can’t brush, rinse the appliance and your mouth after eating.